maandag 9 november 2009

2 Awards , Invitations, A Bottle and a Label

I received this very nice Award twice one from Ila, thanks hun I am honoured, and from Marjoleine, thanks so much dear for this very nice award.
I am proud of it...
The only thing I have to do is to answer some questions and give this very nice award to 5 people......

Ik heb deze award 2 keer mogen ontvangen, van Ila, dank je wel hoor meis ik voel me vereerd en van Marjoleine, dank je wel hoor meis voor deze zeer lieve award.
Het enige wat ik moet doen is vragen beantwoorden en deze award doorgeven aan 5 andere mensen.

1: Where is your cell phone? on the table/ op tafel
2: Your hair? grey/grijs
3: Your mother? Bets
4: Your father? Roelof
5: Your favorite food? Stew from Sauerkraut./ Stampot Zuurkool
6: Your dream last night? I don't know/geen idee

7: Your favorite drink? Juice/ sap

8: Your dream/gaol? To stay happy/ Om gelukkig te blijven
9: What room are you in? Livingroom/ Woonkamer

10: Your hobby? Making cards/Kaarten maken
11: Your fear? Slangen

12: Where do you want to be 6 years? Hear at home/gewoon hier thuis

13: Where were you last night? At  home/thuis

14: Something that you aren't? Rich hihihih/ Ben niet rijk...hihihi

15: Muffins? Yummie...Lekker hoor..

16: Wishlist item? To Stay healthy, gezond blijven
17: Where did you grow up? A little town called Gieten/ klein dorp genaamd Gieten
18: Last thing you did? To the cinema/naar de bioscoop

19: What are you wearing? Jeans with a vest/Spijkerbroek met vest

20: Your tv?Narnia is on the boobtoob/ Narnia staat erop

21: Your pets? We only have adoptif rabbits/ we hebben adoptief konijntjes

22: Best friend? my hubby/ mijn man

23: Your life? Busy/ druk

24: Your mood? Oke/wel goed

25: Missing someone? Yes my dad/ Ja, mijn vader

26: Vehicle? Car/auto

27: Something you are not wearing? Short skirts/korte rokjes

28: Your favorite store? Hobbystoreds/Hobbywinkels

29: Your favorite color?Purple, paars
30: When was the last time you laughed? Just a minute ago/Net nog

31: Last time you cried? Yesterdayevening/Gisteravond

32: Your best friend? My mom/mijn moeder

33: One place that I go to over and over ? Home/naar huis

34: Facebook? No, nee

35: Favorite place to eat? At Home/Lekker thuis.

I would like to give this Over the Top Award to:

1: Bev
2: Marcea
3: Jo
4: Simonne
5: Debbie

I hope you will like this award ladies, I am giving this award to you because I really enjoyed watching your fabulous creations and I have learned so much from you ladies. I wish you a lot of fun with it.

On to my Bottle and Label.....
I made a label on the bottle of Strohrum(Booz hihih)......and a Label to go with it. Excually First I made these invitations for my hubbies friend who became 50 years old and as a present for him I made this bottle and label.

So he wanted to have a very simple invitation, so I made what he really wanted, very simple. Just 50 on the front, made it with darkred cardstock and the big 50 on top of it.

Inside the card I made the invitation itself. Just some Dutch words hihihi and some Drents.....cause Mike his friend is really a Drent.

So the big 50 is also on the bottle itself. I justs took the original Label from the bottle and made my own. I used the Basic Grey, Indian Summer underneath the bottle.

And a bow on top of the bottle.

Furthermore I used some large rosed on the label that I made to hang on the bottle, also used an embellie with For you on it.

And this is the lable I made, I used tis lovely Edwin with his quitar, it is so difficult to make something for a man, but I think it worked out fine....
I used the Basic Grey Paper, Indian Summer, some roses, sticky pearls and colored Edwin with my Derwents.

.....Thanks for watching ladies.....

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een mooie uitnodigingen.. en de wijnfles is erggg mooi gedaan! xx Marley

  2. ziet er allemaal weer prachtig uit, Terry!

  3. Hai hai Marley, dank je wel hoor meis voor je lieve compliment. Veel liefs Terry

  4. He Margreet, thanks hoor meis voor je lieve compliment hoor. Veel liefs Terry

  5. Hoi Terry
    wat een mooie Uitnodgingen en die wijnfles supers

    Liefs Nellie

  6. Gaaf zeg! Mooi gedaan hoor.


  7. Hai Nellie dank je wel hoor meis.
    Veel liefs terry

  8. Hai Nicoline, dank je wel hoor meis....lief van je.
    Veel liefs terry

  9. Mooie en stijlvolle uitnodigings-kaartjes en de wijnfles is super gaaf!
    Groetjes van Jacqueline

  10. He hai Jaqueline thanks hoor meis....enne het is geen wijnfles hihih maar Strohrum....maar geeft niet hoor
    thanks voor je lieve complimentjes...Veel liefs terry

  11. Thanks for playing Terry..I enjoyed reading your answers!!...I love your cards and this Fabulous bottle...what a Wonderful idea!!..Hugs, Ila

  12. Oh wow hun you have been a busy girl, bet your friend was just over the moon with these invites and the bottle label is just fantastic
    Hugs Jacqui x

  13. Hiya Ila, you are most welcome hun I am glad that you enjoyed yourself wow...Thanks for your very sweet compliments hun. Hugs Terry

  14. Hiya Jaqcui, yep you quessed it right hun I have been busy hihihi, thanks so much for your very sweet compliments really I am honoured by your words Jaqcui and yes thank goodness our friend just loved his bottle and the invitations.
    Thanks sweetie. Hugs Terry

  15. Wow, the label is brilliant hun, such wonderful detail. Love the invites too. You have been busy!!

    Thanks for the award too sweetie, and congrats on receiving it yourself xx

  16. Hiya Bev, thanks so much hun for your very sweet compliments I am honoured by your words. And you are very welcome my dear you really deserve it with your very beautifull blog and creations. And thanks Bev Hugs Terry

  17. Ooooh thank you Terry, congrats yourself on receiving it too :)
    one of your answers has me intrigued...
    Narnia on the Boobtoob!
    lol, I read that as boob tube at first and in the Uk a boob tube is a strapless top that just about covers your.... boobs! hahahaha!

    Love the edwin label & invites you've made, you have been busy! *claps*

    Have a great weekend hun,
    Jo xx

  18. Hiya Jo, hihihi I am laughing my head of overhere whahahha...see you are funny Jo, I did not know that in England it means something else then what I meant hihihi....but thanks for the translation hun hihih....And thanks so much for your very sweet compliments hun. Hugs Terry

  19. Hi Terry! Thank you so much for this wonderful award! Sorry it's taken me so long to get it! I'm going to post it on my blog tomorrow as I'm having another bad-tooth day today!! Have a great day, hun! Hugs, Simonne x


Thanks so much for your lovely comment Hugs Terry xxx